For you - Membership Information and Forms
2024 Membership Renewals and New Memberships

All QERA membership renewals and new memberships for 2024 should be applied for through AERA Online . This new system will assist riders and trainers to submit their membership applications in a more streamlined way and without the need to download forms. Automatic lodgement and payment via the secure Westpac Bank payment gateway is efficient and also reduces workload.

If you elect to take out Personal Accident you do need to complete that form and return it to the Registrar.

To renew your membership head to AERA Online , log in your account (or create an account if you don’t already have one) and select the My Details option. This screen will display a new Membership option under the Members Details section.

Simply select the Renew button (for returning members) or the New button if you haven’t taken out a membership previously. If you are not able to select your name as a new member this means you have never been listed in the database. In this case. please forward name, date of birth and contact details to the Registrar who will add you to the database and allow you to proceed from here.

If you need any assistance head to the Help menu and download the Renewing your Membership sheet for step by step instructions. The Contact Us option under the Help menu can be used to ask any questions – a response will be provided as soon as possible.

Gold Card Discount Scheme

At the 2009 AGM a motion was discussed and subsequently passed via postal vote, to recognise the contribution of our volunteers by offering discounted membership.
NEW MEMBERS: Are automatically eligible for the lower Gold Card membership fee in their FIRST YEAR of membership - after this time you fall under Renewal.

To be eligible for the Gold Card discounted membership fee you must have contributed (in the previous year) as follows:
  1. An active Chief Steward for at least one complete ride.
  2. A Ride Secretary
  3. An active TPR steward for at least one complete ride (part rides do not count).
  4. The executive members (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) of an affiliated Ride Organising club, or a member of the QERA SMC.
  5. A significant volunteer for at least the whole weekend of one ride (or the equivalent). Eligibility for this is to be determined by each Ride organising club, who sill submit a list of eligible members to the QERA Registrar.