Logbooks and Registrations

For your horse - logbooks, registrations and ownership transfer.
Note: Our forms are now fillable PDF, you must use Adobe Reader to complete the forms if you wish to use this feature.  Please print and sign the completed forms and return to the Registrar.
If you are filling in the Logbook Application Form form by hand rather than using Adobe Reader, please ensure that you write your horse's name on each and every page in the space provided. Our registrar has previously received multiple logbook applications scanned together with no way of telling which page belongs to which horse.

Applying for a Logbook

Please download and read the application guide before filling out the form.  If you are applying for a novice (blue) logbook, you may complete the horse ID section yourself.  If you are upgrading to an open (yellow) logbook, your vet must complete the ID section.  If you have any questions, please contact our Registrar.

Replacement Logbook

If a logbook has been lost, destroyed, or wilfully withheld by a horse's previous owner, you can apply for a replacement.  You will need to fill out a logbook application form, complete a statutory declaration, and pay the appropriate fee.

Second and Subsequent Logbooks

From the Rulebook:-

49.4  When all pages in a logbook have been used, an application for the second or subsequent logbook shall be: 

a)  lodged by a current member of a DA 

b)  lodged on the appropriate form as determined from time to time by the AERA 

c)  accompanied by the appropriate DA fees 

d)  accompanied by the most recently completed  logbook or a complete copy of that logbook.


You need to send copies of the following to the Registrar:-

      1. Front Cover
      2. Front page (breeding etc)
      3. Inside front cover….showing current registration sticker
      4. Vet ID pages (2)
      5. P1 of Novice & Endurance horse logbook application….from Qera website 

Cost is $45….this includes a plastic cover and Express Post

Please don't leave applying for a new logbook until you are a couple of days out from attending a ride.  Apply as soon as it is full.  You will need to complete page 1 of the Application for Logbook form, pay the appropriate fee, and return the most recently filled logbook to the Registrar. 

Please note: Fees for logbook applications, novice upgrades, second and subsequent logbooks, and transfers of ownership have increased by $5.00 to cover the cost of returning them to you via Express Post, which is trackable should your logbooks go on an adventure in the mail.