Queensland Endurance Riders Association Inc.

To promote and foster the highest ideals of sportsmanship, horsemanship and spirit of endurance riding
as embodied in our motto 'to complete is to win'
COVID-19 Update - 5th July 2020

Dear Members,

At last, the riding season is about to recommence. In the coming weeks, there are rides scheduled for Stirling’s Crossing, Denison Creek, Fernvale and the Far North. Check out the updated ride calendar on the webpage.

Restrictions on people attending outdoor recreational equine events have been raised to 500, so rides will not need to cap entries. However, rides will need to have a Covid-safe plan, and this will mean that all attendees will need to follow a few extra rules to comply.

The border with NSW will open on 10 July, although there will still be a requirement for an entry declaration if you are crossing into Queensland.

The State Management Committee has decided that the annual awards for Pointscore, Distance and 100% achievements will go ahead, as well as the special trophies that are presented for each year. Because of the border issues, for this year, all QERA members who reside in the Northern Rivers Zone will be able to count any points or distance gained at any NSWERA ride towards their QERA tally. For this to happen, they must notify our registrar of any completions of any NSWERA ride.

The QERA State Championships will be held on the long weekend of October 3,4,5 at Stirling’s Crossing. As there will be no Quilty for anyone this year, we plan to make this State Championships a really big event, with some special trophies in many categories. More news of this soon.

A reminder that the “half yearly” membership fee has been introduced early, and applies now. Membership forms and fee schedule are available on the website also.  Membership has been reduced to a level which covers the fixed cost of being a member, including your compulsory Public Liability insurance, AERA affiliation charge and magazine costs.

It is great to be returning finally to the sport and life style that we love, but I am sure we are all aware that we need to continue to follow Covid-safe practices to make sure we avoid any return to the restrictions that have been so devastating for so many people.

Kind regards


Welcome to the home page of the Queensland Endurance Riders Association Inc, the State governing body for equestrian endurance sports in Queensland.

We share a love of horses and the outdoors, we camp out and experience riding through some amazing parts of Australia. Make new friends and learn more about your horse than you ever believed possible. Endurance is a sport the whole family can enjoy.

Endurance riding in Australia includes 5km Tiny Tots Rides, 10km and 20km Introductory Rides, 40 to 60km Intermediate Rides, and Endurance Rides start at 80km to 160km in one day. There are also multi-day Marathon Rides up to 400km or more over consecutive days.

It is one of the few equestrian sports that accomodates everyone, young or old, everyone is welcome.  Men and women compete as equals.

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