2021 Winning Team - The ACME Team

From Left to right:

Mark Nimon on Abbeywood Zarins

Ellie-Rose Bowden on Silver Centurion

Virginia Barber on Abbeywood Flashdance

Georgie Barber on Concerto


QERA Annual Teams Competition

 * One horse, one rider, maximum of 4 team members – top 3 scores count.

* First place trophy/recognition for team with highest points (QERA pointscore used) and distance.

* Only endurance rides (80km +) count

* No reserves or replacements allowed

* Membership of team can be from any riding division (Mwt, Hwt, Lwt, Junr) – or a separate Junior competition if we have multiple Junior teams. 

* Team must be nominated by 1 April. (Might allow until Easter)

* Rationale: - encourages and recognises one horse/one rider combination as opposed to members who have access to multiple horses.

        - allows for friends and/or family to constitute a team

        - encourages careful planning of yearly riding program

        - allows for teams to be competitive (points competition) or completers (distance)