Navigating FEI and EA Paperwork

Please follow this guide to the FEI and EA process
It is recommended that you follow the steps on this page systematically, there are quite a few steps to follow.

If your horse is entering the CEI (Concours Endurance Internationale) 160 km *** or 120km** event, please check its current Qualifications meet entry requirements and that the EA Passport and registrations of horse & rider are current.


For more information related to FEI/CEI - contact either Robyn Parnell at email Mobile 0418248 142 

OR Jenny Merity email  at Equestrian Australia.

FEI Rules for Endurance Riding can be found at

Please refer to FEI Article 816 for Qualification Procedure

FEI Registration (Required for the horse, rider and trainer)

Every horse, rider and trainer wanting to compete in an FEI /CEI event must be registered with the FEI.  Complete the FEI Registration form and pay $25 per horse and per rider and per trainer.  

This form is available at

This is an annual membership, so please ensure that the rider, trainer and horse are current members.  This information is processed by Equestrian Australia on behalf of the FEI.  

Rider Registration with Equestrian State Body (e.g. Equestrian Queensland)

This is an annual membership that will provide the rider with his/her “EA Number”.  Equestrian Queensland membership runs from January to December annually. The 2019 Equestrian Qld membership is $360 pa for Seniors or $240 pa for Juniors (plus a Joining Fee of $50 for Seniors or expired members). Membership information can be found here.

Please ensure that the rider is a current member. 

Does my horse need to have an EA National Passport?

If the horse is being registered for the first time (i.e. has never been entered on the FEI database before), then the horse WILL need a current EA National Passport. If you are competing at CEI3* level, you will need an FEI Passport or FEI Recognition card (in addition to an EA National Passport if you already have one). 

The EA National Passport only is required for Endurance horses competing in domestic competitions.  The price is $80 for a 4-year period. The form is available at or a paper form (but there is a $20 administrative fee)

An FEI Passport or FEI Recognition Card for CEI3* competitors is $350 for a 4-year period and can be ordered at the links above.

Application for Horse Registration with Equestrian State Body ( eg Equestrian Queensland)

In order to obtain an EA National Passport, FEI Passport or FEI Recognition Card, the Horse is required to have an Application for Horse Registration completed with its State Equestrian body eg Equestrian NSW.  

This form provides Horse Details & Marking so that the horse’s EA National Passport can be created and sent back to you.  

Equestrian Queensland horse registration information can be found here.

Once you receive your EA National Passport or FEI Passport it will be required to be certified by the owner and Veterinarian and returned to Equestrian Australia (EA) for validation by EA.

Final step - Novice Qualification Form

Complete the Novice Qualification Form.  This form asks you to detail rides completed by the horse to ensure the minimum FEI requirements are met for entering a CEI* Event (see FEI Article 816 below detailing min. requirements for both horse and rider).

The Novice Qualification Form is to be sent back with the EA National Passport or FEI Passport that has been identified and certified by the owner and veterinarian.  This form can be found here -   

The EA National Passport will be sent back to you with the horse’s EA Registration.


In Summary

  • Ensure current membership of horse, rider and trainer with FEI (via Equestrian Australia)
  • Ensure current membership of rider with state equestrian body, eg Equestrian Queensland
  • EA National Passport order completed at a cost of $80.00 or an FEI Passport or FEI Recognition Card for CEI3* competitors is $350.00
  • Application for Horse Registration (required to obtain a EA National or FEI Passoirt) via Equestrian Queensland
  • Have the EA National Passport certified and identified by owner an veterniarian, then return the passport to Equestrian Australia with completed Novice Qualification Form.
  • Ensure that both you and your horse meet the FEI novice horse qualifications.  FEI Endurance Rules