Top of the Range Arabian Show

Toowoomba 2020
The Downs Arabian Club
QERA Secretary Sue Sutcliffe, Judge Dr Luke Annetts and 2019 Top of the Range Show Champion Endurance Horse Count Crysdafa with owner Erin Krahnen.
The Downs Arabian Club is once again holding their annual event, Top Of The Range Arabian Show, with classes especially designed for those wishing to show off their AHSA registered Endurance athletes. This year the classes have been expanded to include youth classes, and a novice class to ensure a more inclusive offering. 
The classes offered are as follows:
1. Junior Handler - Open to QERA Junior Members
2. Novice Endurance Halter Horse (Blue Logbook) - Purebred/ Derivative
3. Endurance Halter Horse Arabian Derivative 
4. Endurance Halter Horse Purebred Gelding 
5. Endurance Halter Horse Purebred Mare 
6. Endurance Halter Horse Purebred Stallion  
7. Junior Rider - Open to QERA Junior Members (Blue or Yellow Logbook)
8. Endurance Ridden (Blue or Yellow logbook) - Purebred/Derivative
Endurance horses and their handlers are also invited to participate in other classes at the show, with plenty of ridden and halter classes catering for non-professional and new participants (maiden). Endurance classes will be on Sunday the 25th of October at the Toowoomba Show Grounds.
This year, we are pleased to advise that our Judge is Bob Sample from Cooroy. Bob is well known in Endurance circles, and holder of some 15 Quilty buckles. Perhaps not so well know is the knowledge that Bob Sample was an accredited Arabian judge for many years in the 70’s and 80’s, and was on the Organising Committee for the early Qld Arabian Shows .
Previous judges for this event have been

2016 Meg Wade
2017 Ron and Val Males
2018 Olga Bartlett
2019 Luke Annetts.

Entries are open on and close on the 2nd of October. For more information or any questions please contact the club at
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From Left to Right: Jan Tyrrell with Steel Poppy Sprinbrock, Carla Jones with Kholonial Bartholomew, Elizabeth Cleland with Count Crysdafa.