2022 Ride Calendar

Please check this page regularly for updated ride dates and information.
Please check this page regularly for updates.  You can subscribe to the online calendar below, and updates will be automatically sent to your subscribed devices.  You can either subscribe to all calendars or selected calendars (eg NRZ or SEQ).   If you click on an event on the electronic calendar it will expand the information, and in most cases will have links to Try Booking, Ride Information, and a ride base map.

Last Minute Changes - as of 22/5/2022

Stirling's Classic on 14/15 May; Denison Creek "Dejay Arabians" also on 14/15 May; Tenterfield on 18/19 June
Stirling's Classic - 28/29 May (still on weather watch)
Tenterfield - 1/2 October
Junior Camp -  23 - 25 September (3 day camp)
Top of the Range Show moved to 22/23 October from 29/30 October