Fair Play Vouchers - Round 6

FairPlay R6 Stakeholder Kit

Round 6 of FairPlay vouchers opens on Wednesday 19 January 2022.

QERA is a Registered Activity Provider for the program which provides eligible Queensland children and young people aged 5 to 17 (inclusive) who can least afford to join a sport or recreation club with a voucher valued up to $150 which can be used toward the cost of membership, participation and/or registration fees for eligible activities with registered physical Activity Providers. Round 6 will close when all available vouchers are issued or, if the voucher allocation is exhausted, the round will close on 23 March 2022.

Please click here to download a Fact Sheet.

You can view a Youtube Video explain the program here.

COVID-19 Impact on Sport and Recreation - 14/1/22


COVID-19 restrictions, requirements, key messages

Please find below a summary of the current COVID-19 restrictions and requirements impacting the active industry.

Current restrictions for the sport, recreation and fitness activities

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still participate in many sport, active recreation, and fitness activities including indoor and outdoor events - state-wide.

Indoor venues, activities and events are required to operate in accordance with the COVID Safe Checklist for Restricted Businesses and comply with occupant density limits apply.

These organisations are required to collect contact information via the Check In Qld app - please note you are not required to collect contact information is the person is or appears to be a primary or secondary school-aged child and is a part of a group attending an activity organised by a school, sporting team or community group. However, all escorting adults must check in.

Face masks are required in all indoor settings across Queensland including workplaces, indoor stadiums, sports arenas, sports centres, gyms and sport activities (exemptions apply). As always masks can be removed during strenuous exercise.

It is important to note that organisations are able to self-impose additional restrictions for patrons and can decide to refuse entry to unvaccinated persons. If your organisation or one of your affiliates is looking to self-impose restrictions relating to vaccination status, we would encourage to seek legal advice. The Fair Work Ombudsman has also released detailed advice for employers around mandating vaccinations.

Aspects of our industry that are impacted by the restrictions whereby vaccination is a requirement of entry

Bowling alleys captured as indoor entertainment venues.

Major Stadiums with more than 5000 patrons.

High risk settings including education settings.

Commercial recreation organisation operating tourism experiences.

Hospitality venues such as cafe, clubs, restaurants and bars (licensed areas) that form a part of indoor sport centres, community halls and clubhouses - please note an unvaccinated person is permitted to enter to purchase takeaway and utilise amenities if they are a patron at the facility. Private hire is permitted however occupant density limits apply. Paid staff and volunteers working in this area are required to be vaccinated.

Sport and Recreation are seeking further clarification around the multi-purpose use of Showgrounds, which are currently impacted by the restrictions.

Other restrictions impacting sport, recreation and fitness

From 1 January 2022 there are updated definitions and requirements for confirmed cases and close contacts.

  • You are considered a close contact if you are a household member or a household-like contact of a diagnosed person.
  • The definition of a household-like contact is a person who has spent more than four hours with the diagnosed person in a house or other place of accommodation, care facility or similar. The quarantine period is 7 days from the date the diagnosed person took the initial test that returned a positive result.

From 9 January 2022, a close contact who is a critically essential worker can leave quarantine to their workplace provided the critically essential worker and their employer meet the requirements. Our current advice is that anyone involved in the delivery of sport, recreation and fitness does not meet the definition of a critically essential worker.

From 31 December 2021, Queensland will no longer routinely list exposure sites in Queensland due to the widespread transmission we are currently experiencing. Queensland will only notify of major outbreak venues or super-spreader events.

From 23 January 2022, mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for all people working or delivering a service at a school or early childhood education and care setting. This includes contractors, volunteers, regulators and auditors. Learn more about the vaccination requirements for workers in high risk settings.

  • Activity Providers/Organisers who wish to attend schools to provide extra-curricular activities (e.g. community use of school facilities), within or outside hours, will be required to be fully vaccinated due to providing a service to or at a school.
  • However, the participants in extra-curricular activities at schools can be regarded as visitors to the schools and therefore are not required to be vaccinated.

Key messages

Organisations should be familiar with current restrictions and potential implications for particular activities and be prepared to manage risks.

It's important to develop communication to members highlighting key messages and practical steps being implemented to keep the community safe during this time. A key message we would like to highlight in communications to your affiliated clubs and members is that a condition of entry is to not have any COVID symptoms. Given the large spread of cases in the community at the moment, it needs to be clear to patrons that anyone with symptoms is not permitted to attend and will be refused entry. It's vital for our health response to ensure resources are available to those who need them most as we head towards the peak over the coming weeks.

It's more important than ever to continue to promote the key COVID Safe measures - promotion of social distancing, wearing of face masks when required, maintaining good hand hygiene, staying home when you are sick, use of the Check In Qld app, vaccinations and boosters when eligible and COVID-19 testing if you have developed symptoms.

Continued compliance is critical during this time. Restrictions under the Health Directions are enforceable; if a person is refusing to comply, you can call the police for assistance. A person who does not comply could receive a court-imposed penalty of up to $13,785 or 6 months' imprisonment.

As Queensland is no longer listing exposure sites, you may not be aware of a positive case at an event or community organisation. It important you prepare/distribute communiques to members asking that they notify the clubs or association of a positive test result to ensure the facility can be appropriately cleaned.

If your organisation has developed sport specific COVID safe material or Risk Management Plan, it is important you dedicate resources to update the guidance material to reflect the current situation.

Whilst not imposed through restrictions, it may be beneficial to reconsider some common practices during this time to help slow the spread of COVID-19. For example:

  • Online sign-on/registration or smaller groups numbers of pre-season training
  • Limiting use of changerooms or interaction with parents
  • Delaying school holiday camps or come n try days
  • Implement strategies to reduce time people are present at the facility
  • Live streaming of events to limit the number of spectators

Helpful resources and website links

The following websites include information regarding COVID-19 risk management strategies and plans, communication material, cleaning, and advice on responding to a positive COVID-19 case. Information contained at the links will provide valuable advice to support you during this time.


Covid Update December 2021

Unite Against COVID-19

Sport and Recreation COVID-19 Update

December 17, 2021

The Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport has released the following bulletin to clarify the recent Queensland Government announcements regarding COVID restrictions for Queensland.
To support the industry through this time, we have prepared a resource * which provides:
  • an overview of the restrictions linked with vaccination status;
  • an overview of the Queensland Border restrictions;
  • changes to requirements for close and casual contacts; and
  • helpful resources and links to the relevant Public Health Directions and where you can go for further support.
The specific details are outlined in the Public Health Directions, and we would encourage you to read these to gain a better understanding of the intent behind these restrictions.

While this is a lot of information, we want to assure you that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still participate in many sport, active recreation, and fitness activities including indoor and outdoor events.

There are however some aspects of our industry that are impacted by the restrictions whereby vaccination is a requirement of entry:
  • Bowling alleys captured as indoor entertainment venues
  • Major Stadiums with more than 5000 patrons
  • High risk settings including education settings
  • Commercial recreation organisations operating tourism experiences
  • Hospitality venues such as café, clubs, restaurants and bars (licensed areas) that form a part of indoor sport centres, community halls and clubhouses.
Whilst the Public Health and Social Measures Direction has been released, we understand your organisation may still have questions as to how these requirements relate directly to your specific activity. The Department is currently seeking further clarity on several issues including venues where licensed and hospitality areas are not standalone areas, or a facility that could also be considered an indoor entertainment venue.

Please know that the sport, recreation and fitness industry is one of many industries working with Queensland Health to gain a clearer picture of COVID-19 restrictions moving forward. We thank you in advance for your patience.   

Businesses, venues and organisations can self-impose entry requirements however this is a business decision. Whether your organisation makes this choice, or you are required to do so under the Public Health and Social Measures Direction, the onus is on the person entering to show proof of their vaccination status. You are not expected to act as the police and if a person is refusing to comply, you can call the police for assistance.

With the relaxation of the Queensland border, increased numbers of COVID positive cases are expected in Queensland. Local Public Health Units (PHU) across Queensland will support your organisation should you be issued a contact tracing alert. The local PHU will conduct a risk assessment to determine what level of local response is required and work closely with you to develop the safest management plan for your organisation and the community.

From 1 January 2022 there will be changes to what you need to do when you come into contact with a COVID-19 case. The Queensland Government has developed guidance material to help organisations plan and manage situations where COVID-19 positive people have been at their venue. I encourage you to keep an eye on the advice and resources available over the holiday period.

If you require immediate assistance or advice, you can contact 13 42 68 for COVID-19 related enquiries.  Alternatively, you can email the Sport and Recreation Team via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who are available Monday to Friday for assistance.  Your State Level Organisation can also provide advice specific to your activity. 

On behalf of Sport and Recreation, I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you’ve done to date. We know this has been another difficult year, but your commitment to keeping the Queensland community safe is certainly recognised.

Andrew Sly
Assistant Director-General
Sport and Recreation, DTIS

 * Download as a PDF:  Sport, Recreation and Fitness Activities - OVERVIEW (17/12/2021)

Breaking News (17 December)
Masks mandatory for all retail settings, such as Woolworths and Coles and other shops, public transport, ride share services and hospital and aged care settings from 1.00 am on Saturday, December 18.
We will be discussing the implications of these recent updates, and other current issues and opportunities during our regular Coffee & Conversation Zoom meetings held every second Friday morning at 11:00 am until further notice. Please REGISTER to join the conversations.
We will continue to provide updated information as it becomes available to us.

The following links may be useful: See also on the Outdoors Queensland site:

2021 Annual General Meeting

Nominations are now open for the State Management Committee.
Positions on the Committee will fall vacant according to the Rules of Incorporation.

Saturday 4th December 2021
Unit 7/41 Lavarack Ave
Eagle Farm, Brisbane Qld 4009

From 9am – 3pm (followed by the End of Year Awards)

There will be Five (5) positions to be filled -

Vice President, Secretary and three (3) Committee positions

Persons may nominate for either the Executive position OR a Committee position. 

Induction Document for all SMC positions:  https://www.qldendurance.asn.au/images/PDF_Articles/Policies/QERA-Managment-Committee-Induction.pdf

Download the Notice of Meeting in PDF Format from here

Nominations and Notices of Motions for Discussion must be emailed to the Secretary by 5.00 p.m. Thursday 28th October, 2021.  Please note that all motions will be discussed at the AGM  and voting will take place after the event via Election Buddy (electronically)

Email to: The QERA Inc Secretary

Susan Sutcliffe

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Expression of Interest - Magazine Editor

Expression of Interest - Magazine Editor

This position is effective immediately.  The successful applicant must be able to work from home, have advanced computer skills and a good telephone manner when sourcing articles.   The State Management Committee will consider all applicants.  This position requires the successful applicant to have a skill set comprising of working with others, a background in magazine editorials and sourcing articles relevant to endurance riding.  The successful person does not necessarily have to be a member of QERA, but rather someone who has an understanding of our sport.  A family member or friend may also be interested in this position.  An honorarium fee will be paid to the successful applicant.

Position Description:

  1. Source all articles for magazine (quarterly magazine distribution)
  2. Paginate magazine
  3. Liaise with Graphic Designer to prepare draft copy/content 
  4. Send draft copy/content, once approved, to Printcraft for printing and postage of magazine
  5. Work alongside Advertising Portfolio Holder
  6. Invoice advertisers – working alongside QERA Treasurer
  7. Manage Magazine Facebook page

Please email your expression of interest, including a statement of your skills and experience relevant to the position, to the Secretary at the below email address.  

Expressions of interest will close 1st October 2021



QERA Secretary - on behalf of the Queensland State Management Committee